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Online Discussion: Ethical Recruitment
Started by Admin 4 years ago
A small but growing number of “ethical recruiters” have entered the global labour recruitment market, committed to a no-fees-for-workers business model and to following codes of conduct outlining principles of fairness and respect for worker rights. Competing with politically influential “traditional” fee-charging recruiters for space in the market, ethical recruitment agencies require support in convincing governments to create favourable regulatory environments for their growth.

During our meeting in Jordan, the Open Working Group on Labour Migration & Recruitment included “support for ethical recruitment initiatives” among its priorities. We agreed to formulate a draft set of criteria, stipulating what would constitute “ethical recruitment.” This set of criteria can help civil society to identify which recruiters can be deemed “ethical” and to provide strong recommendations to governments with respect to recruiter licensing requirements and recruitment provisions for G2G recruitment agreements.

Please review the ethical recruitment criteria proposed below and indicate any edits / additions / items to remove. Please also share any comments on the criteria as a whole.

Posts: 41
Admin replied 4 years ago...

(1) Respect for the laws of the countries in which the agency operates

(a) Must be licensed / accredited in all countries of operation (origin, transit, and destination)
(b) If working with other recruitment or employment agencies, these must also be properly licensed/accredited
(c) Recruited workers must have appropriate legal documentation to work abroad (exit clearances from countries of origin, where required) and all valid visas / entry permits / work permits for work in the country of destination
(d) Must not have been suspended, charged, or disciplined in any way for non-compliance with the laws of any of the countries in which it operates
(e) Owners, investors, and employees of the agency must never have been affiliated with agencies that have been suspended or shut down for non-compliance with laws or regulations

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Admin replied 4 years ago...

(2) No Fees for Workers

(a) Once a worker has been hired, the agency must not charge any fees; all fees associated with the worker’s recruitment and deployment are to be borne by employers
(b) The agency must not require workers to post a bond, in cash or in kind, for reimbursement at the end of the worker’s contract
(c) Workers should be informed of their right to recruitment without fees

Posts: 41
Admin replied 4 years ago...

(3) Transparency in hiring process

(a) Must provide accurate details, in writing, on the nature, scope, and conditions of work for every employee hired
(b) Employment contract must be provided in a language the worker can understand, and the worker must be provided with a hard copy of the signed contract
(c) If changes are required for the terms of the contract, the employee must be informed and given the opportunity to consent to or decline the changes without penalty or threat of penalty

Posts: 41
Admin replied 4 years ago...

(4) Transparency in wages and deductions

(a) Wages must reflect the terms set out in the worker’s written contract
(b) Wages must be paid accurately and on time
(c) Workers must receive a statement accurately reflecting the worker’s pay and any mandatory deductions (by law, and as set out in the worker’s contract)
(d) Workers are to receive equal pay for equal work, without discrimination on the grounds of nationality, sex, religion, ethnic origin, etc.

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Admin replied 4 years ago...

(5) Job Safety

(a) The agency must be aware of and disclose any risks associated with the job for which the worker is being hired
(b) Workers must be provided with job-specific occupational health and safety training prior to commencing work on the jobsite
(c) Contingency measures must be in place for those who become ill or who get injured on the job

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Admin replied 4 years ago...

(6) No Document Confiscation

(a) The agency must not retain the worker’s personal documents—e.g., passports, visas, ATM cards, etc.—for any reason. These are the personal property of the worker.

Posts: 41
Admin replied 4 years ago...

(7) Standards of Behaviour for Recruitment Agency Staff and Contracted Agents

(a) Workers must never be subject to verbal or physical abuse of any kind
(b) Workers must never be subject to threats or intimidation of any kind
(c) Workers must never be coerced or charged fees of any kind
(d) Any such incidents are documented and investigated, and corrective disciplinary actions taken

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